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About the Artist: Andrea Lawson

The artist, Andrea Lawson, is Brian’s niece. Andrea hails from Dallas, Texas and graduated from UNT in ‘08 with a concentration in creative writing and art. A budding artist, she recently started showing at venues in the Dallas area & is sharing some of her pastel work with us this evening.

Andrea works her pastels in a vibrant modern style blending shape, color and motion in a distinct format of her own.

The theme for tonight's show is “Go Green” and the artwork is completely upcycle. Andrea’s pastel work has been applied to recycled paper “scored from art school”, as she puts it. (Each of the pastels viewed tonight has a draft, sketch or painting discarded by another artist on the opposite side)! In keeping with the work, the frames have been made out century old repurposed lumber.

We think you will enjoy her colorfully “green” work!

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