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About the Artist: Joshua Frye

Joshua Frye immediately became popular with Denver collectors for his vivid large format acrylic on canvas paintings. His abstract work generates an up-beat, energetic atmosphere for any space.

Incorporating a variety of techniques and mediums, Joshua Frye’s unique style of abstract expressionism is most notable for it's vibrancy, movement, and energy. Drawing inspiration from the beautifully chaotic universe around him, the balance of tension and catharsis is a repeating theme in his work. Utilizing his art as a means of processing and transforming complex emotions, Joshua strives to add color, and warmth to the world through all of his creative endeavors.

Born in the Pacific North-West, Joshua Frye spent most of his childhood in the verdant forests of New England, before relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he was exposed to the rich cultural traditions of the Southwest. First finding his artistic voice as a poet in Texas, Joshua moved to Colorado , where he produces music under the pseudonym Joshua Genius, published the online magazine Cum Laude Weekly , and created and is the director of Maitri Multi Media, a non-profit, art and music based Day Program for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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