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About the Artist: Farhad VakiliTabar

“Art like prayer strives to reach beyond the limits of the ordinary, under the suspicion that we are more than just human. This drive to transcend the limits of our perception, places the artist or the devotee in the face of the mystery: that which is beyond comprehension and yet the most intimate part of who we are.” - Griselda

2520 LAR is pleased to present the exquisite photographic art of Farhad VakiliTabar, an award winning photographer from the Denver area. The artist blends a gifted eye for capturing the essence of an environment in perfectly double exposed compositions with artistic enhancements that allow each of his photographs to present a wonderfully unique story.

Farhad VakiliTabar is an award winning photographer and his work has been displayed in many galleries of Denver, Colorado.

Farhad’s love for photography and years of practice, have helped him develop his unique photographs in rare double exposure within the camera.

The two images that finally come together should complement and artfully speak to each other and create a new meaning with a new visual impact.

Farhad’s Photographic work can be seen as profound poetry for the eyes. The artist, in pursuit of the beautiful and the meaningful, creates a visual conversation that echoes in the mind of the viewer long after the eyes have ceased to look.

In the recent years, Farhad’s photographs have been exhibited at Space Gallery, 3rd Eye gallery, Blossom Art Boutique, Auraria library gallery, CPAC, Alliance Francaise de Denver, Reed Photo Art gallery, Purple Box, Stella’s, MSU Center for the Innovations, UCHSC gallery, Artwork Network gallery, Hangar 41, and also at many juried shows such as the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Littleton Historic Museum, Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, CHAC gallery, Core gallery, ReCreative Denver, and Spark gallery again for the Month of Photography…

Farhad’s images are referred to as “Visual Poetry”, and they can be found at many private collections across the world.

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