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About the Artist: Curtis Fowler

Curtis is a long-time Denver artist with an incredibly varied body of work. We enjoy hosting First Friday Art Walk shows featuring his incredibly varied & highly detailed modern abstract oil painting work.

Curt Fowler is aptly described as "a multidisciplinary artist - working with words, sound, and paint. Having fallen in love with oil paints at an early age, he has spent decades working passionately to create compelling imagery and colorscapes that conjure intense emotions and postulate otherworldly scenarios.

Symbols and figures rise and fall through the layered textures of additive and reductive processes, bringing the viewer into a dream-like world where everything is possible. Drawing on an Abstract Expressionist ‘tradition,’ Curt prioritizes the action of moving paint over the product of 'the painting.’ Rather than being a self-indulgent exercise, the experience of creating is a meditative act of love, and it represents a disciplined dedication to expressive heart-sharing."

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