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Denver School of the Arts - Senior Show

Please enjoy a recap of the 2016 DSA Visual Arts Senior Show:

Wow, what a phenomenal group of talented young artists! Literally hundreds of art aficionados & supporters came by for the RiNo Art District First Friday show we hosted for the DSA show to see the art & design work exhibited by the Visual Arts department senior class.

Mike Sawaya, of the Sawaya Law Firm donates a generous scholarship each year to one lucky VA department recipient based on the artwork displayed at the Senior Show. When Mike stopped by the gallery to inspect the work on display he was so stunned by the wonderful array of cutting edge art on display that (for the first time ever) he awarded each student a college scholarship! Kolhama earned the first place scholarship for her clothing design exhibit which she is applying to her education at Parsons. Can't say enough about Mike Sawaya's magnanimous contributions to Denver School of the Arts & how much it helps the students pursue their careers in the arts.

Special thanks to Mr. Sawaya for his generous support of DSA & the local art community. We also want to thank all of the parents, family, friends and other guests who came to see the art and support the students at the show!

Following are some photos from the show:

Wonderful group of Visual Arts students
Preparing for the show
DSA supporters enjoy the show.

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