Custom Furniture Design


Known most for his work in the commercial pub arena with several bar design &/or build projects on his resume; including, "Denver's Most Beautiful Bar" - the Death & Co main lobby bar in the Ramble Hotel which has been highlighted in the New York Times more than once; as well as, selected to Esquire Magazine's recent list of the Best Bars in America.

His furniture design ethic is to provide the collector with a truly unique piece of functional art.  Painstaking hand crafting each piece to his own design.  The furnishings are built-to-last, extremely eco-friendly & exhibit the high level of passion necessary to create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

"My intention is not to design mass production capable work like you find in a furniture store; hence, my client base is a bit more discerning.  If you want a furniture piece that really stands out as something special, let's talk.  I deliberately design & create my pieces in such a way that even if your neighbor wanted one just like it, I couldn't duplicate the item for them."

The work of several classic mid-century modern era designers across the globe inspire the artist's furniture designs... think Noguchi, Nakashima & Lafer.  Brian frequently blends wild infusions of varied materials: wood, metal, glass, concrete, stone & even reclaim material into his final design. 

Custom work is out several months, please get your order in ASAP!



Now available in Brian's Studio:

Brian's personal supply of curated lumber collected over a lifetime... GRAB A SLAB today!

As always, you will find a variety of striking furniture designs for sale with options on how to turn your selection into to quite literally a work of art.