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Want your design / build project done by the guy that built the main lobby bar in the Ramble Hotel ?  It made Esquire Magazine's lists of the "Best Bars in America", has been highlighted in the New York Times & was voted "Most Beautiful Bar in Denver".  If you want your design to pop like that,  Brian Trybus Designs / 2520 LAR is the right place for you because Brian made that bar & has designed numerous other commercial & residential bars!    

"My strength is in the creation of truly unique design elements; hence, my client base is a bit more discerning.  If you want a furniture piece that helps define your space... or an entire space that really stands out as something special, let's talk.

I often deliberately design & create items in such a way that even if your neighbor wanted one just like it, I couldn't make an exact duplicate for them."

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Now available in Brian's Studio:

Brian's personal supply of curated lumber collected over a lifetime... GRAB A SLAB today!

As always, you will find a variety of striking furniture designs for sale with options on how to turn your selection into to quite literally a work of art.