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2520 LAR


Gateway to the Original RiNo Neighborhood

 Interested in seeing art related community classes?  We'd love to hear your feedback on classes like:




stop motion animation

wood work

+ a variety of other community oriented activities like

cooking and keeping in shape.

Give us your input: email




Coming soon:

Modern Abstract Sculpture 

show & sale.



Shopping in our pop-up gift shop.

Purchase during a show or sale.

Donations are gladly accepted.  


We still operate by appointment. 

Text Brian @ 303-888-5512

WHAT IS 2520?

2520 LAR is a genuine family owned working studio.  It's truly one of the very few places in the neighborhood where art & creative design is hand made.


"The world is a book & those who do not travel, read only one page" - St. Augustine

Always look to the future & stay positive.

Capitalism works for me!

Havana Show web
! ben & Liza_edited
Tiffany Trybus
! Gallery 2520
Graduation Party
Tiffany Trybus Art Work
The Baltics
Megan Fong
Brian & Michele Trybus
Gallery 2520 (66)
Gallery 2520 (116)
Gallery 2520 (78)
Gallery 2520 (84)
Megan Fong
Gallery 2520 (102)
! Nadia
Gallery 2520 (140)
Gallery 2520 (27)

Shows & Events @ 2520 LAR

! Nadia.jpg
Past Shows

Artists & Musicians from Previous Shows @ 2520 LAR:

World renown photographer Dan Fong, hot local band "The Baltics", Denver abstract expressionist painter Joshua Frye (our favorite), musician Megan Fong, Colorado Springs abstract painter Joe Beavers, sculptor Bryson Darnell, abstract painter Nicole Korbe, award winning photographer Farhad Vakilitabar, young movie directing talent Eva Meiling Pollitt, writer Sean Paige, photographer Conrad Trybus, multi-talented artist Tiffany Trybus (@tiffanytrybusart), musician Mike Cornwell, design team Chris & Laura Stoffac, designer DJ Stuart, artist Andrea Lawson, Lord Cornwallis, Eating Australia,  Jade Deleon, Nadia Jackson, Jafei Pollitt, Coltyn Cody, Andrea Dulsky, Kellehanna E’Shawn, Taylor Fulton, Jack Johnson, Faith Lyons, Danielle Mariner, Talia Morgan, Eleanor Grace Ravenwhite, Regan Boates, sculptor John Lawton, Denver School of the Arts, the JCC with Toby Meyer, the Summer Art League, musician Becky Hostetler (@bellhoss), Sean - The Guitarista, musician / painter Cary Steinberg, musician Chris Bowers Castillo (@kiltromusic), musician Jenny LaJoye, pianist Alex Snyder (@alexsnydermusic), musician Grant Blakeslee (@mythirst_ukebeat), musician David Schwartz (RIP to a beautiful person & highly talented young artist).

As well as the following painters & artists: Tracy Weil, Curtis Fowler, Vicki Deleon, Colleen Walsh, Epi Garcia,  Barbara Baker, Christine Dehner, Bre Zant, Rich Westra, Francesca Pellerano, Alla Bor, Jean Davis, Monica Gelfond Freedberg, Kristi Rudy, Voula Anadiotis, Fred Pittroff, Janice Sinopopli, Mindy Groves, Richard Eidlin, Mark Bartholomew, Amy Brooks Harper, Belinda Jackson, Kate Hooper, Marie Graves, Leslie Moore & Alma Lantz.… & others. 

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