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Brian Trybus Designs Studio

2520 LAR is the working studio for Denver creative Brian Trybus, where he generates modern style sculpture & photorealism masterpieces.  Brian excels in design work, exhibiting a creative knack for commercial bar / pub, furniture & cabinet design.  In addition, the family owned facility provides ample space to allow Brian & wife Michele to exhibit, display & promote the work of select members of the art community; making 2520 LAR a complete source for fine contemporary art, unique design elements & creative design work. 


#1 Colorful Classics
buy art guide_edited
! HV1 79130008
RiNo Art District
Kickin' A"
Infused Metal Table
Designed by Brian Trybus.
Modern Abstract Sculpture
DSA Senior Show
Mary Chambers
Artist & wife
BCT Sculpture - Brancusi Inspirations
Gotham City Sculpture
Define your space!

Combining passion for his work, a creative eye, unique design concepts, a high level of talent and years of experience to produce sculptural designs that merge a variety of materials, finishes & techniques.

Contemporary / MidMod Furniture Design
! Desk
! credenza
! martini copy
! Lafferesque (2)
! Nakashimaesque
! Martini table3
Glass top

Furniture designs! 

Photorealism, Photographic Art & Graphic Design
#15 Pink & Green
! HV1 79130008
rosco in cowboy hat
retro air craft
#7  Antiqued Colors
peru - machu pichu citadel (3)
Vintage Planes w Horse CO - mine
carhenge colorized
Snow on trees Flattops - mine
mich (5)
! HV4 79140015

Very cool photography & image work... from vintage black & white; historic & travel compositions shoot over the past 30 years; photojournalistic images capturing the "essence of the moment"; & artistically composed display images to digitally enhanced contemporary work. 

Brian Trybus

Artist Statement

Denver creative & multidisciplinary artist / designer Brian Trybus operates his working studio at 2520 Larimer Street in the original RiNo neighborhood.  The Trybus family are stake-holders with the RiNo Art District.  Brian brings creative vision, patience & passion to his work.  With an extensive "hands-on" background in photography, 3-D sculpting, graphic design, furniture design and commercial pub / space design.  His design elements exhibit thoughtful composition and a meticulous eye for detail while blending a variety of media into stunning creations.  Brian hand works his heart & soul into each design.

Photography / Graphic Design:

The artist applies a creative eye to capturing & manipulating images to generate a unique artistic expression in his photographic & graphic design image work.  Brian specializes in hand colorizing, contrasting and antiquing techniques learned "back-in-the-day" working with vintage black & white darkroom equipment & prints .  The same "old school" techniques have been adapted to his digital design work, providing a uniquely enhanced artistic presentation to his images.

Sculpture / 3-D Fine Art:
Brian is a prolific modern abstract sculptor.  His sculpture work is influenced by a blending of ancient art techniques with simple geometric shapes of the modern abstract art movements: Cubism, Dadaism & Surrealism.; as well as, some very fun Brutalism pieces.  His favorites amongst the visual artists include the works of Oswaldo Guayasamin, Salvador Dali; sculptor Constantin Brancusi; & contemporary sculptors Claudia Compte & Jae-Hyo Lee.

Industrial  / Furniture Design:

Brian’s contemporary industrial designs reflect the Mid-Century Modern “organic design philosophy” blended with Brutalist, Industrial, Wabi-sabi  & occasionally a bit of Steam Punk styling.  Brian also designs complete commercial pub spaces & has the managerial capability / experience to consult on / oversee full scale installations.  The most influential designers contributing to Brian’s furniture creations include: Percival Lafer, George Nakashima, Frank Lloyd Wright & Isamu Noguchi .  Each furniture design is created with the same passion and patience applied to his sculpture work and reflect Brian's own one-of-a-kind, hand-made, built-to-last style.

Education & Experience:
Brian earned a postgraduate degree (Masters—International Business) from Arizona State University where the "funnel-head" graduated with honors & enjoyed a variety of activities; including, being president of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity, a member of the wrestling team and was selected Who's Who in American Universities & Colleges (he partied a lot as well).  Initially contemplating work with the CIA until the William Casey incident, Brian shifted gears to become successful in the corporate arena while advancing his creative abilities shooting & developing film as his passion

(of over 30 years now).


Brian Married the "love-of-his-life" & moral "guiding light", Michele.  They are the proud parents of three wonderful

"free-range-raised" children: Conrad, Tiffany & Brian

(each with a creative streak). 


While raising his family Brian learned, instructed  & successfully competed in Judo (black belt & 3rd place finish in World Masters Judo Championship).  He enjoys rebuilding vintage cars & motorcycles.  Brian also started a variety business ventures; including, a full scale millwork factory, where he honed his industrial design; material processing, shaping &  joinery skills that now prove invaluable in producing his abstract sculpture creations & furniture designs. 

After completing his formal education & business stints Brian converted his passion for creativity into a full-time endeavor.  Brian's studies continue to this day through extensive world travel, a wide variety of interest, activity, experience and community involvement.  The artist has a firm belief in a "higher power" and lives accordingly.  Brian’s creative eye and passion for seeing the world have inspired much of his art & design work.

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